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Third-Party API & Data Integration

At HBM, we provide a vast array of trade automation solutions, including automation of the entire trading process utilizing APIs for a multitude of broker-dealers on various exchanges.

We support all major asset classes, including equities, commodities, fixed income, and FX products. We also have experience in integrating trading systems with back office, risk management, reporting, and other internal systems.

Supported Broker-Dealer APIs

At HBM, our specialists have extensive experience in building automated trading systems using trading APIs from ETrade, TD Ameritrade, Pinnacle Trading, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, and other major players.

Supported Charting APIs

At HBM, we have the capabilities and experience building proprietary systems using relevant third-party charting APIs from software providers, such as AmiBroker, MultiCharts, eSignal, TradeStation, and other popular players in the market.

FIX, Bloomberg & Other APIs

At HBM, we have experience in using connectivity APIs, like FIX, Bloomberg, IQFeed, and others.

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