Optimize Operations, Minimize Operational Risk & Cost

Operations & Reporting Automation

There is a lot of change happening across the investment management industry, as investment management firms deal with uncertain markets, ever-increasing regulatory pressure, and a highly competitive landscape. At HBM, we deliver a wide array of services to investment management firms that are looking to minimize their operations cost in order to improve alpha.

Operations Automation

At HBM, our team of experienced specialists will perform a complete assessment of the operations processes and technology infrastructure being used, from the front-office to middle and back-office.

Based on our assessment, we will provide specific, actionable and detailed recommendations that will help your investment management firm improve operational efficiency, minimize operations inaccuracies, reduce cost, advance decision making, and improve alpha.


At the end of the review process, we will provide you with a detailed report which will include:

  1. Recommendations on how the current operations processes and technology infrastructure could be made more cost effective.

  2. Comprehensive roadmap on how your firm’s technology infrastructure and operations processes could be re-engineered to work as smoothly as possible, particularly in specific areas of concern, such as risk and regulatory compliance.

  3. Detailed plan on how your firm’s technology infrastructure and operations processes could be re-engineered for future growth based on strategic priorities.

  4. Recommendations on how to create policies and procedures that will allow you to scale your operations infrastructure to support future growth.

Reporting Automation

At HBM, we work with investment management firms to design, develop, test and deploy tailored reporting solutions that seamlessly integrate with their front-office, middle-office, all the way to their back-office operations.

We have the know-how and experience to automate reports that involve multiple manual steps and more than one team member. These reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, or as needed, and be delivered automatically to the internal teams or specific managers and partners.

Our team of specialists focus on producing accurate, timely reports, by adding reconciliation and other error checks, including NAV errors, which are usually caused by corporate actions, duplicate trades, etc., at various stages of the report generation process.

Set up A Complimentary Discovery Call

We offer up to two hours of free initial phone consultation. During this confidential session, we answer any questions that you might have, and recommend actionable next steps.