Robust, Scalable, & Unified Front Office

MS Excel, MS Access & VBA Development

Most investment management firms extensively use MS Excel and MS Access on a daily basis. Excel is an excellent tool for performing data analysis, along with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to interface Excel for quantitative analysis and back testing.

Our specialists can help with all your MS Excel or MS Access undertakings, including Visual Basic programming, custom spreadsheet templates, cleaning and normalizing large sets of data stored in huge MS Excel documents that might take minutes to load.

We also have proficiency in data merging and conversion from multiple MS Excel and MS Access files, custom reports, dashboards and database integration, as well as migrating data from MS Excel and MS Access to enterprise relational databases.

MS Excel, MS Access & VBA Legacy System Conversion

At HBM, we work with investment management firms that are looking to scale their front-office systems for future growth, and to migrate their legacy systems, often using MS Excel and MS Access, to a more robust, faster, reliable, and scalable model using the latest programming languages, including Python and R. If needed, we have the capabilities to deploy your new system on your very own private cloud.

We have broad experience in using statistical programming languages (Python, R) and toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets. We have technical expertise in optimizing data collection, database design, data mining, data modeling and data analysis.

Our engineers work directly with other researchers, investment managers, and traders to improve existing proprietary strategies and to develop new trading algorithms.

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