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Investment Strategies Development & Enhancements

At HBM, we provide a vast array of financial modeling capabilities, including quantitative finance and data science capabilities, including machine learning, deep learning, and AI to investment management firms looking to generate alpha.

Quantitative Analysis & Modeling

Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge and experience in capital markets, including delivering software and data solutions for broker-dealers, investment banks, exchanges, and investment management firms.

Our team of specialists work directly with investment managers to construct, validate, back-test, and incorporate quantitative models into current or new proprietary investment strategies.

We have comprehensive experience using advanced statistics and data analysis to develop various quantitative models, including quantitative asset pricing as well as models for price or returns of complex derivatives, like options, interest rates derivatives, and credit derivatives. We also have experience in developing custom highly complex risk models for all major asset classes, such as equities, commodities, fixed income, and FX. We specialize in multi-asset and multi-currency portfolios.

Data Science (Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI)

At HBM, our specialists have backgrounds in mathematics and statistics. For the last three years, we have been applying data science, including machine learning, deep learning, and AI into developing investment and trading strategies.

We have broad experience in using statistical programming languages (Python, R) and toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets. We have technical expertise in optimizing data collection, database design, data mining, data modeling and data analysis.

Our specialists work directly with other researchers, investment managers, and traders to improve existing proprietary strategies and to develop new trading algorithms.

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