Hedge Fund Middle & Back Office Software & Data Solutions

Operations & Reporting Automation, Data Management & Analytics, Legacy System Conversion & More.

Operations & Reporting Automation

There is a lot of change happening across the investment management industry, as hedge funds deal with uncertain markets, ever-increasing regulatory pressure, and a highly competitive landscape. At HBM, we deliver a wide array of services to hedge funds that are looking to minimize their operations cost in order to improve alpha.

Operations Automation

At HBM, our team of experienced specialists will perform a complete assessment of the operations processes and technology infrastructure being used, from the front-office to middle and back-office.

Based on our assessment, we will provide specific, actionable and detailed recommendations that will help your hedge fund improve operational efficiency, minimize operations inaccuracies, reduce cost, advance decision making, and improve alpha.


At the end of the review process, we will provide you with a detailed report which will include:

  1. Recommendations on how the current operations processes and technology infrastructure could be made more cost effective.

  2. Comprehensive roadmap on how your firm’s technology infrastructure and operations processes could be re-engineered to work as smoothly as possible, particularly in specific areas of concern, such as risk and regulatory compliance.

  3. Detailed plan on how your firm’s technology infrastructure and operations processes could be re-engineered for future growth based on strategic priorities.

  4. Recommendations on how to create policies and procedures that will allow you to scale your operations infrastructure to support future growth.

Reporting Automation

At HBM, we work with hedge funds to design, develop, test and deploy tailored reporting solutions that seamlessly integrate with their front-office, middle-office, all the way to their back-office operations.

We have the know-how and experience to automate reports that involve multiple manual steps and more than one team member. These reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, or as needed, and be delivered automatically to the internal teams or specific managers and partners.

Our team of specialists focus on producing accurate, timely reports, by adding reconciliation and other error checks, including NAV errors, which are usually caused by corporate actions, duplicate trades, etc., at various stages of the report generation process.

Data Management & Analytics

Most hedge funds have relationships with multiple prime brokers. They typically trade in multiple asset classes and currencies. These developments, coupled with ever-increasing demand for risk and regulatory reporting, make it essential for hedge funds to centralize their data.

Additionally, this data needs to be normalized in order to efficiently utilize it for various internal operations and business purposes. A centralized database also greatly reduces the risk of incomplete or inaccurate reports. Most firms are painfully aware of the significant time and resources that are wasted fixing erroneous reports.

We strongly believe that hedge funds that proactively invest in and develop a long-term data management and integration strategy will have an edge over their competition.

Working along with your management, our database administrators (DBAs) can design, develop, and deploy an enterprise-wide relational database that eliminates errors and provides an efficient way to generate various reports and other Business Intelligence dashboards for internal teams, clients, and prospects.

MS Excel & MS Access Legacy System Conversion

At HBM, we work with hedge funds that are looking to scale their front-office systems for future growth, and to migrate their legacy systems, often using MS Excel and MS Access, to a more robust, faster, reliable, and scalable model using the latest programming languages, including Python and R. If needed, we have the capabilities to deploy your new system on your very own private cloud.

We have broad experience in using statistical programming languages (Python, R) and toolkits to analyze large, complex datasets. We have technical expertise in optimizing data collection, database design, data mining, data modeling and data analysis.

Our engineers work directly with other researchers, investment managers, and traders to improve existing proprietary strategies and to develop new trading algorithms.

MS Excel & MS Access Automation

Most hedge funds extensively use MS Excel and MS Access on a daily basis. Excel is an excellent tool for performing data analysis, along with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to interface Excel for quantitative analysis and back testing.

Our specialists can help with all your MS Excel or MS Access undertakings, including Visual Basic programming, custom spreadsheet templates, cleaning and normalizing large sets of data stored in huge MS Excel documents that might take minutes to load.

We also have proficiency in data merging and conversion from multiple MS Excel and MS Access files, custom reports, dashboards and database integration, as well as migrating data from MS Excel and MS Access to enterprise relational databases.

Third-Party Data & API Integration

At HBM, we specialize in third-party API development and integrations for numerous hedge funds. Our team of software engineers excel at writing third-party API integration software applications, microservices and tools.

We regularly work with various third-party APIs, including Envestnet API, Thomson Reuters Open Calais API, and Bloomberg API.

Third-Party Vendor Support

At HBM, we have worked with numerous hedge funds to integrate third-party vendors within their firm's existing technology infrastructure and operations processes in a seamless manner.

As we do not work for a specific vendor, we are able to provide you with an unbiased and objective recommendation based on your strategic business goals. Our team works as an extension of your firm. We can help you with installation, training, onboarding, and any other technical issues related to most major financial software vendors.

We have technological expertise in the most popular financial technology software products, including Investran, PORTIA, VPM, Bloomberg, Eikon, and SS&C Recon.

Technical Documentation

At HBM, we understand that being in a high stress, fast paced environment, it is not always possible to keep your documentation up-to-date. At the same time, having updated technical documents available has numerous advantages, including (a) Onboarding for new hires, (b) Ensuring that policies and procedures are being closely followed, (c) Facilitating greater collaboration within teams and among different groups.

Our team of experienced financial technology specialists and technical writers will work closely with your team, read software code, and look at other sources to create a complete technical documentation of your technology infrastructure, operational processes and policies.

We will make the documentation available on an internal intranet website for ease of access and use. If requested, we will keep your documentation updated on an ongoing basis.