Hedge Fund Alternative Data Solutions

Extract Actionable Intelligence From Alternative Data Sources To Improve Alpha

What Is Alternative Data?

Traditionally, investment managers source data from conventional data sources like company financials, investor presentations, SEC filings, analyst research, and press releases.

Alternative data represents data sets collected from non-traditional sources. These non-traditional sources include, social media data, private company data, credit card data, supply chain data, web traffic, search trends, bank loan & credit data, point-of-sale data, satellite imagery, weather, and similar non-traditional data sources.

How Are Hedge Funds Applying Alternative Data?

With the rise of data science subsets, like machine learning, deep learning, and AI, hedge funds are able to analyze large sets of data in relatively short amounts of time to extract actionable intelligence. Early adopter hedge fund managers are using a multitude of alternative data sources in creative ways to find new investment opportunities, as well as complement their current investment strategies.

How Is HBM Helping Hedge Funds?

At HBM, our goal is simple - We help you make confident, profitable investment decisions based on timely, accurate and reliable data. We achieve this by extracting intelligence from vast amounts of unstructured data available from various alternative data sources.

Our data scientists and data analysts work as an extension of your internal investment team. Our specialists are experts in scouting, cleaning, and normalizing vast amounts of unstructured data and making it easy to consume and analyze, based on your specific needs.

HBM Alternative Data Approach

We start by understanding your investment methodology and process. We brainstorm your current investment models with you, and then provide a confidential unbiased analysis of which alternative data sources are best suited for your specific investment approach.

Our specialists have comprehensive knowledge and years of experience in capital markets, including delivering software and data solutions for broker-dealers, investment banks, exchanges, and investment management firms. We understand capital markets and speak your language. We answer any and all questions that you might have related to timelines, deliverables, cost and other details.

HBM Alternative Data Solutions

At HBM, we offer various solutions to hedge fund managers, within the alternative data space.

Alternative Data Discovery Session

In this initial interactive, confidential session, we start by understanding your hedge fund's investment principles and strategy. We learn what you are looking to achieve and present recommendations as on the types of alternative data sets best suit your hedge fund.

Alternative Data Research, Scouting & Sourcing

Based on our understanding in the discovery session, we research and provide you with various options on acquiring reliable and accurate sources of alternative data that fits your specific needs.

Alternative Data Custom Implementation

We deliver custom implementation that acquires, cleans, and normalizes vast amounts of unstructured data in a way that makes it easy to consume and analyze, thereby helping you make reliable investment decisions.

Our team of data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers use methods refined through thousands of hours of collaboration with hedge funds all over the United States.

Alternative Data Learning Session

We offer on-site, or online, learning sessions that provide you with in-depth insights and education about the alternative data space, including examples of how to use alternative data, major players, and latest trends.