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HBM International Launches Alternative Data Solutions for Investment Management Firms

Stamford, Conn., Tuesday, May 1, 2018

HBM International, a leading provider of custom technology strategy, software and data solutions for investment management firms, announced the launch of its Alternative Data Solutions.

With an increasing need for asset managers to creatively find new investment opportunities, as well as complement their current investment strategies, they are looking to more non-traditional ways to source and utilize data. HBM leverages its comprehensive knowledge and 20+ years of experience in capital markets to achieve this by extracting intelligence from vast amounts of unstructured data available from various alternative data sources. HBM applies AI and data science subsets, like machine learning and deep learning, to analyze large sets of data in relatively short amounts of time.

“Our Alternative Data Solutions provide investment managers with the tools to keep them ahead of the curb in advancing their investment strategies. They now understand how important data is from non-conventional sources, such as social media, web traffic, satellite imagery, and weather, in determining the progression of their strategies. It’s a necessity going forward to integrate these along with more traditional forms of data,” said Hardeep Mehta, Founder & CEO of HBM International.

There are three core pieces to HBM’s Alternative Data Solutions: a discovery session & report, data scouting & sourcing, and custom implementation. HBM offers this as a full, comprehensive plan or à la carte.

“To remain leaders in an highly competitive landscape, fund managers must find creative ways to differentiate themselves” said Mehta. “We are excited to provide our clients with this new way of doing so.”

About HBM International

HBM International is a leading provider of custom technology strategy, software and data solutions tailored towards investment management firms - hedge funds, private equity, and other institutional investors. At HBM, we align the right technologies, software and data solutions with your custom, propriety requirements and strategic business priorities. This enables asset and investment managers to optimize operations, minimize operational risk and cost, develop and backtest investment strategies, and advance decision making to increase alpha. Learn more about HBM’s offerings here.