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Real-Time Dashboards. Beautiful Reports. Data-Driven Decisions

At HBM, we are transforming companies from data-aware to data-driven, everyday

Data Management

Take control of your company's data. Make data-driven decisions.

We help you develop a sound and comprehensive Master Data Management (MDM) strategy and roadmap.

Our data engineers will make sure your most important data is accurate and accessible across all departments within your company.

We help you transform the vast amount of data that has been sitting in your databases, log files, emails, social media accounts and other data sources into highly-accessible data sources that provide real actionable information.

We help you create a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy, that includes all four aspects of data management, including manage, integrate, analyze, and govern. See stack below for more details.

Data Analytics

Team With An Experienced Partner.

At HBM, we offer vast array of data analytics consulting services including strategy, planning, roadmap, and proof-of-concept.

We will help you use data to provide customized promotions to your clients, increase sales, improve ROI, and provide other priceless insights about your company and its ecosystem.

Our data engineers will help you get insights from social media data, emails, sales and marketing efforts, application logs, and other data that you are already collecting on a daily basis.

We are using technologies like data mining, machine learning, pattern matching, forecasting, visualization, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing and neural networks, everyday, to help companies uncover enormous untapped business value from their data assets.

BI Dashboard & Reporting

Real-Time Dashboards. Beautiful & Intuitive Reports. Data-Driven Decisions.

At HBM, we are providing companies with the right custom software, visualization dashboards, and reporting tools to take complete advantage of their data assets. Tell a compelling story to your team, manager, other business associates and clients.

We utilize our extensive portfolio of data analytics and business intelligence APIs, tools and techniques developed over the years, to enable you to engage with data in a highly interactive fashion.

We will understand your business needs and propose the right set of technologies and solutions to ensure that you are taking full advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

Answer critical business questions with actionable results, both short and long-term, to improve performance and drive your business forward.

HBM Data Management & Data Analytics Services Stack



Security & Access Permissions

Life Cycle Management



Big Data

Business Intelligence

Real Time & Stream Processing


Internal Applications & Processes

External Applications & Processes


Structured &
Unstructured Data

Database Design &


Collection /
Preservation / Archiving

HBM Master Data Management Stack

HBM Business Intelligence Consulting Services Stack

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

Reporting &
Portfolio Management

Analysis (OLAP, Spreadsheets,
Database Queries, Visualization Tools)

Operations Analytics

Financial Analytics

Risk & Compliance Analytics

Customer Analytics (Sales, Marketing,
Acquisition, Web, Mobile, Social Media)

Big Data

Predictive Analytics
What could happen?

Prescriptive Analytics
What should I do?

Descriptive Analytics
What is happening?

Diagnostic Analytics
Why did this happen?

HBM Big Data & Advanced Analytics Stack

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