HBM Custom Software Development

Beautifully Designed & Built to Scale

At HBM, we are proud to call ourselves a data-driven, customer-centric custom software development company

Software Product Development

We solve your most challenging software product challenges.

We create beautiful user experiences and quick prototypes for multiple delivery platforms.

We work closely with your team, with an iterative approach to software development.

We have experience deploying custom software applications and services on all major cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce Cloud.

Our software engineering teams are well versed in industry-leading programming languages, databases, cloud infrastructures and architecture designs.

We incorporate a unique blend of lean startup methodology, agile development principles and software develoment products, including JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and GitHub.

Mobile App Development

We design, build, test, and deploy breakthrough mobile applications across all digital touch-points.

We delivery beautifully designed, intuitive native iOS (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch) Apps.

We are experts in building intuitive Android Apps across all major Android OS versions and devices.

Take advantage of our unique development approach, developed over many hours of brainstorming sessions, to deliver cross-platform mobile Apps in less time.

Business Process Automation

Experience And Expertise To Optimize Your Workflow.

Share data and insights among all departments, including finance, marketing, sales, and back office.

Automate processes and mundane business functions to reduce cost, and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Implement performance monitoring and reporting of systems and processes across all business functions to improve transparency.

Custom API Development

Share data, expand your customer base, drive competitive advantage.

Experience developing robust and scalable API design and strategies to help you expand your customer base.

Develop third-party API integrations with various payment gateways, Salesforce, Paypal, Stripe, MuleSoft, IBM Watson, USPS, UPS, FedEx and more.

Experience in designing and developing Web Services integration using both SOAP and REST-based APIs.

HBM Custom Software Development Services Stack

Successful Custom Software Application Launch

Quality Assurance

Use-Cases Testing (“Live-Feedback-Loop”)

Agile, Iterative Development Loop (“Live-Customer-Feedback-Loop”).

Custom Software Design / Architecture

UX / UI Design

Database Requirements

Pre-project Planning


HBM Custom Software Development Services Process

How HBM Custom Software Development Is Empowering Companies

Kickstart your startup idea with quick and flexible software releases that adapt with your business requirements.

Improve customer engagement with mobile-first and responsive UX/UI designs within your custom software applications.

Harness the power of structured and unstructured data hidden within your company databases, Excel files, emails, and other communication.

Get a real-time view of your business, sales and marketing efforts with BI and Visualization dashboards.

Create visually stunning, data-driven, and feature-rich mobile apps for iOS or Android. Launch your idea in weeks.

Increase efficiency while reducing costs by automating middle office and back office operations.

Trusted Partnerships & Integrations Across Leading Platforms

Amazon Web Services - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
Microsoft Azure - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
IBM Watson - HBM Custom Software Development Company  Partner
Google Cloud - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner

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