We Are HBM International

Technology strategy, software & data solutions for asset management firms.

Founder & CEO

Hardeep Mehta is HBM International's founder and CEO. He started the company with the goal of providing hedge funds with his vast knowledge of financial technology and capital markets to optimize their business processes. He is responsible for working with clients to set a strategic vision of how technology and process automation can improve their bottom-line. He also ensures that the design, development and implementation of this vision is realized.

As an award-winning business leader with over sixteen years of technological experience, Hardeep has a proven track record of providing innovative, scalable technology strategy, software and data solutions to broker dealers, asset management firms, and alternative investment firms. With deep knowledge of financial instruments, such as equities, derivatives, commodities, and currency, he is able to provide clients with the most customized and efficient solutions in the industry.

Before founding HBM, Hardeep worked as a technical and management lead for companies such as Bridgewater Associates, Morgan Stanley, and Interactive Brokers. He lead the design, development, and implementation of Interactive Brokers’ highly-acclaimed PortfolioAnalyst, which received a 5-Star rating by Barron’s magazine on several occasions over the past decade.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and graduated magna cum laude from University of Bridgeport in CT.

The HBM Differential Advantage

Every day, asset management firms all over the United States trust us to take on their most challenging technology strategy, software and data challenges.

We align the right technologies, software and data solutions with strategic priorities, which enables hedge funds to automate and optimize operations while minimizing operational risk and cost.

Made In USE

Made In The USA

We never outsource or offshore our development. For you that means, having a business partner working under the same legal jurisdiction. This allows you to know that your Intellectual Property (IP), and other sensitive business information is protected.

We speak your language, and under the the same work culture. This leads to excellent understanding of requirements, with no language or communication gaps. Justs as important, proximity also allows for personal visits and closer collaboration.

Domain Knowledge

We have deep knowledge of software engineering, core programming languages, database skills, data science, analytical abilities, and design principles. We utilize the latest technologies in highly creative ways, to provide an impeccable user experience in the software products that we build.

Experienced Partner

We have over 20 years of experience developing and deploying award winning, high-performance software products and technology. Our team of software engineers, UI/UX designers, data engineers, data scientists, and cloud infrastructure engineers use methods refined through thousands of hours of collaboration with product teams in startups, and small-medium sized companies around the United States.

Solid Commitment

Our client's success is our main goal, and we take pride in it. We believe in open flow of ideas and thoughts within HBM and with our clients. We believe technology is simply a tool that works best when it is not noticeable. Less is more.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a highest level of service quality. Our support goes way beyond the successful release of your software product or mobile app. Most clients retain us for ongoing support and subsequent projects.

IBM Partner

We are an IBM partner. This gives us access to online training materials, demo and development systems, and other valuable information only available to IBM partners. For our clients, this means, we utilize the latest technologies developed by IBM during the design and development of software solutions and capabilities valued by our clients.

Our Principles & Culture

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional value for our clients every single day. These four principles help us stay true to this vision.

Our client's success is our main goal, and we take pride in it.

We believe in open flow of ideas and thoughts within HBM & with our clients.

We stay on top of technology trends to provide our clients with the best possible options.

We believe technology is simply a tool that works best when it is not noticeable. Less is more.

Trusted Partnerships & Integrations Across Leading Platforms

IBM Watson - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
Microsoft Azure - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
Amazon Web Services - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner