Top Technology Terms List with Meaning

By Hardeep Mehta • Research • December, 2017

This a list of top technology terms with their meaning in simple english. This is for people who work with or hangout with technology people and would like to understand the terms being used in simple plain english. We are starting with the most common terms being used these days, and will keep adding more over time. Please feel free to email us your suggestions.


A microservice is a small, independent application that is accessible via the internet and performs a specific small tasks. For example, a stock quote microservice might provide prices on specific tickers.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface or API is a software intermediary, hence the word interface that allows two software applications to communicate with each other.


Devops is a software development process that focuses on combining development, operations, and quality teams understand each other and collaborate better.


Frameworks are collection of programs and components commonly used in software development. Rather than spending time seeking out each of these components separately, developers can take advantage of frameworks where they are collected in one place.

Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

In Object-oriented Programming, computer programs are made up of classes or objects, that have attributes, and functions. The classes or objects use their attributes, and functions to interact with each other.