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Top 3 Advantages of Centralizing Data for Hedge Funds

By Hardeep Mehta • Data Management • January, 2018

One way to quickly measure the operational efficiency of a hedge fund is to see how tightly coupled the decision-making process of an investment manager is with vast amount of data available to the hedge fund. Most hedge funds have access to multiple sources of data, but a lot of that data is not utilized to its full potential, because it is not available during the decision-making process. In fact, most hedge funds continue to struggle with m...

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How to Prepare Your Hedge Fund for a Cyber Attack

By Hardeep Mehta • Risk Management • January, 2018

Cyberattacks are becoming more common place these days. 2017 saw an increase in cyber attack incidents all over the world. In the U.S., Equifax saw one of the largest cyber incidents with personal and financial information of over 143 million customers being stolen in one cyber attack. 

According to Bloomberg, “Extra spending on security and lawyers in the wake of the hacking helped push third-quarter operating expenses to...

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Hedge Fund Manager’s Guide to Choosing the Right Technology Partner

By Hardeep Mehta • Risk Management • January, 2018

Technology is driving huge changes in the financial services industry. In the alternative investment space, according to the Ernst & Young - 2017 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey, in the coming year, 50% of hedge fund managers have plans to implement something innovative with their technolo...

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Secrets of a Successful CIO: #3 - Understand Your Employees

By Hardeep Mehta • Leadership • December, 2017

One of the most compelling tasks as a Chief Information Officer, or anyone in management position, is learning how to best work with your employees. You can get any degree, certification, or obtain expertise in a skillset, but it will not prepare you for dealing with others. It will, also, not warn you of how diverse and complex people are, and that they all have specific objectives for their jobs and careers. Getting to know your employees an...

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Secrets of a Successful CIO: #2 - Be a Master of Prioritization

By Hardeep Mehta • Leadership • November, 2017

Defining a technology roadmap for your company is your main task as Chief Information Officer. In order to do this, you must determine the priority of ongoing projects and project requests. Factors that help in this process include identifying return on investment (ROI), technology resource allocation, interdisciplinary guidance, and management approval. Once you have these key factors down, it will become more streamlined for you to build out...

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Secrets of a Successful CIO: #1 - Be Well Informed

By Hardeep Mehta • Leadership • October, 2017

As a Chief Information Officer, it may seem like a daunting task to know the ins and outs of every project your employees are working on. This is not to say you need to know all the details, but you need to know the trajectory of a certain project or the workings of a certain software service being utilized. For example, an employee is working on implementing live chat to your ecommerce website. Do you need to know that the service is implemen...

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Top 5 Advantages of Cloud Computing

By Hardeep Mehta • Data Management • September, 2017


Cloud computing has become a term that is used on a regular basis. It's easy-to-use implementations and customizable features have made it a key piece in long-term business processes and transformations. It is such a widely used technological concept, that companies are provisioning their budgets to include cloud products over traditional IT infrastructure. According to Read More

5 Ted Talks to Improve Your Leadership Skills

By Hardeep Mehta • Leadership • September, 2017


Watching a Ted Talk is one of the most simple and modern ways to gain wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives. While all Ted Talks are riveting and intriguing in their own individual ways, there are some that can be useful for those in leadership positions or for those that have much responsibility or influence on others. Here are 5 Ted Talks to improve business leadership.

Eduardo Briceño: How ...

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Top Technology Terms List with Meaning

By Hardeep Mehta • Research • August, 2017

This a list of top technology terms with their meaning in simple english. This is for people who work with or hangout with technology people and would like to understand the terms being used in simple plain english. We are starting with the most common terms being used these days, and will keep adding more over time. Please feel free to email us your suggestions.


A microservice is a small, independent applica...

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