Technology Innovations in Investment Management

Top 3 Advantages of Centralizing Data for Hedge Funds

By Hardeep Mehta • Data Management • December, 2018

One way to quickly measure the operational efficiency of a hedge fund is to see how tightly coupled the decision-making process of an investment manager is with vast amount of data available to the hedge fund. Most hedge funds have access to multiple sources of data, but a lot of that data is not utilized to its full potential, because it is not available during the decision-making process. In fact, most hedge funds continue to struggle with m...

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5 Things About Implementing Operations Automation Hedge Fund Managers Should Know

By Hardeep Mehta • Middle-Back Office • April, 2018

Operational efficiency is named as the #1 area of focus for hedge fund managers to apply technology and innovation, according to the EY - 2017 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey. In fact, of all hedge fund managers interviewed, nearly 60% said their organization is investing in or plans to invest in innovative technology solutions to drive operational efficiency. There is little doubt that more hedge fund managers are looking for innovative...

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How Hedge Funds Can Leverage Private Cloud - 5 Excellent Use Cases

By Hardeep Mehta • Middle-Back Office • March, 2018

Hedge funds and other alternative investment managers are looking to cloud computing to improve operational efficiency and reduce information technology infrastructure expenses. 

Private Cloud provides several advantages for hedge funds. It provides the flexibility and scalability they desire, while satisfying their security and regulatory concerns. In addition, when done correctly, the Cloud also increases speed of deployment o...

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Hedge Fund Manager’s Guide to Choosing the Right Technology Partner

By Hardeep Mehta • Risk Management • February, 2018

Technology is driving huge changes in the financial services industry. In the alternative investment space, according to the Ernst & Young - 2017 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey, in the coming year, 50% of hedge fund managers have plans to implement something innovative with their technolo...

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How to Prepare Your Hedge Fund for a Cyber Attack

By Hardeep Mehta • Risk Management • January, 2018

Cyberattacks are becoming more common place these days. 2017 saw an increase in cyber attack incidents all over the world. In the U.S., Equifax saw one of the largest cyber incidents with personal and financial information of over 143 million customers being stolen in one cyber attack. 

According to Bloomberg, “Extra spending on security and lawyers in the wake of the hacking helped push third-quarter operating expenses to...

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Top Technology Terms List with Meaning

By Hardeep Mehta • Research • December, 2017

This a list of top technology terms with their meaning in simple english. This is for people who work with or hangout with technology people and would like to understand the terms being used in simple plain english. We are starting with the most common terms being used these days, and will keep adding more over time. Please feel free to email us your suggestions.


A microservice is a small, independent applica...

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