Technology Strategy, Software & Data Solutions for Hedge Funds

Technology Innovation Is In Our DNA

HBM International is a leading provider of technology strategy, software and data solutions to the hedge funds.

We align the right technologies, software and data solutions with your strategic business priorities. This enables hedge funds, to automate operations, minimize operational risk and cost, advance decision making, and increase alpha.

Our facilitators work in small, agile teams, applying our unique blend of lean startup methodology and agile development principles. This allows us to deliver high throughput, low latency, and highly scalable technology solutions.

Our team of software engineers, UI/UX designers, data engineers and data scientists use methods refined through thousands of hours of collaboration with hedge funds around the United States.

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Trusted Partnerships & Integrations Across Leading Platforms

IBM Watson - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
Microsoft Azure - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner
Amazon Web Services - HBM Custom Software Development Company Partner

Every day, We Are Helping Hedge Funds
Automate Operations While Minimizing Risk & Cost.

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